Instructor profiles
Shidoshi Larry Hembel born in 1968 

Training in Tae kwon do  and Aikido ,
Lin kong jin (energy work ) and many other seminars

Trained with Shoto Tanemura sensei , of the Genbukan ninpo bugei in 1989 through 1991 .

Trained with Bujinkan shihan , Phil Legeare , Jefferey Prather , Mark O'Brien , Mark Hodel , Jack Hoban and Shiraishi sensei  of the Bujinkan ninpo taijutsu in the USA.
Attended 3 Tai Kai s , 2001, 2002 , and 2004 in Japan at the budokan
Dee is my Green Bay , Wisconsin Instructor .

His ninpo training started in 1990 with Genbukan training .

He has attended some Bujinkan seminars and one Tai Kai in Illinois .

He has great balance and understanding of movement
We have a new Sturgeon Bay Shodan (black belt )  Josh Blevins
Oct. 9th 2005

has had an early start in Karate as a child and has been training in Ninpo taijutsu for 4 years .

He has been to a few bujinkan seminars ,  Jack Hoban , Mark Hodels training group and was an Uke for Andrew Young at a Illinois Seminar .

Very good thought behind his taijutsu  great movement
Dee has a current rank of Sandan  3rd dan 2008
Josh has a current Sandan rank  3rd degree 2008
Recent trip to Japan 2010 Josh recieved 4th dan Shidoshi ho and was able to train with many japanese shihan
Shiriashi,Seno,Nagato and Noguchi
We have a new Sturgeon Bay Shodan (black belt ) Levi Blevins
Sept. 2008
Training for 5 years

He has been to a few bujinkan seminars wth Papasan and buyu

Dec. 2009 Levi has earned his nidan

We have a new Green bay  Shodan (black belt ) Zach Ruiz
August 2009
Training for 6 years

Started training at age 15 in the Bujinkan

Zach has been to Japan in 2007 and trained at the Hombu dojo  with Soke Hatsumi's
personal shihan , Oguri,Nagato,Noguchi,seno and Shiraishi sensei

Hes been attending 4-5 seminars a year including Rob Renner's seminars and 2009 Midwest Tai Kai .
He has a true buyu heart and has shared with other dojo's in Michigan,Illinois and Australia

And has taken time to make his own personal armor

Larry is currently a shidoshi 2007 test in Japan with Paul Masse and Sokes supervision. In his trips to Japan he has trained with Shihan from all over the world as well as Soke Hatsumi's
personal shihan , Oguri,Nagato,Noguchi,seno and Shiraishi sensei
2010 trip to Japan recieved his 7th dan

2012 Shiriashi sensei personally introduced me to Soke and Soke ranked me kyudan 9th dan..Shiraishi mentioned Soke was pleased and rarely moves a rank 2 levels.
Dan Metoxen       2014  4th dan

Has been training in martial arts since a young age of 7 in arts such as Boxing,karate and aikido

Has been training in the Bujinkan since 1999
Has been to the 2003 Tai kai, And Japan in 2010
And has attended 2 midwest Tai Kai
He attends several seminars a year with top Bujinkan shihan to keep his information fresh

Shodan level Summer of 2011 (June)
2012  Josh took his Godan , 5th dan in Japan with my recommedation

The cut was performed by Shihan Doug Wilson
it was one cut with no hesitatant movement as it should be .Showing an unwavering heart.
5th dan Godan

Joshua Blevins
Kudan ,9th dan九段

Larry Hembel