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Ninja Shuko Hand Claws
Climb trees or scale walls easier and faster with these hand claws. Made of steel, hand claws feature an adjustable nylon wrist band.
$12.00 pair

Ninjutsu training gear
Ninja Ashiko Foot Spikes

When used in conjunction with the hand claws, your climbing potential is greatly increased. Spikes are made of black steel and feature laced closure to secure to feet.

$7.00 pair Buy this includes sh/h  $12  total

Koga Ninja Star Features:

440 stainless steel construction
4 sharpened points
Japanese Ninja script and "Kohga Ninja" imprinted on ninja star
Measures 4 3/4 inches across
Complete with carrying case


Buy this includes sh/h 
New Senban
real togakure ryu ninjutsu shuriken thin plate steel fit nine in your palm

$4.50 a piece buy them in groups of 3 here or email to buy more at once 

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Caltrops Tashibishi

These comes in Set of 12 Pcs. per box No matter how they land, there is always a sharp edge pointing up. Each is finished in a non-glare black color.2.5" Overall

These are huge

$9.00 per box

Buy this includes sh/h 

Great training weapon
The ninja shinobi zue
A bamboo walking stick with a concealed 3 foot chain attached to a weighted top
Great ninjutsu training weapon
$30.00 + sh/h

feel free to watch the video

Buy this includes sh/h 

Ninjutsu bamboo tube

This simple tube is perfect for
Togakuryu training

it can carry all sorts of things
blow gun darts
or powder (metsubishi)
$ 4.00 +sh/h

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Kyoketsu  Shoge ,
knife Made of poly fiber very strong
with a leather grip ,
and soft rope  9 feet w
ith a 5 in diameter ring

$ 30.00 + sh/h
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Samurai Kusari fundo
this is octagonal in shape as well as tapered not like the cheap rounded ones.
These are ment to fit in the palm of your hand and not slip.
Fukuro shinai, training sword
kama 9 foot chain.
kama 3 foot chain
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email me
Bujinkan ninjutsu ninja 4 Throwing spikes/ with bamboo holder 7 1/2 inches long

4 Throwing spikes with bamboo holder

7 1/2  inches long

weight perfect for throwing

very sharp tip 

•Handmade item
•Materials: rolled steel, steel, bamboo
•Made to order

Throw great

Bujinkan ninjutsu ninja kunai throwing knife 3 of them 10 inches long

Kunai Knife You are buying a 3, 10 inch long kunai
.This is a big boy for throwing ....
The handle of is 5 inch long with hemp rope wrapped handles giving you an extremely comfortable grip.

The hilt on this kunai knife has a ring hold so you can put your fingers through them or tie a rope to them for throwing and retrieving.

hand made nice and thick steel won't bend or break.. lightly polished Only 2 inches of the tip is sharp
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