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Ninpo taijutsu training in Wisconsin for Door County,  Green Bay and surrounding areas

Training Schedule :
Tuesday Wednesday
In Sturgeon Bay

Green Bay area Sundays 10:00 am till
And Wednesdayand Friday
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1 (920) 256 1230

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Green Bay training , Sundays 10 am till 12am

location : 2789 Allied Street , exit hwy 41,  141 waube lane , Tri county Gymnastics building 
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training outdoors during summer
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Wedneday evening classes Green bay
985 Duchateau ave
Green bay,Wis. 54304
920 562 8658

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Train in a martial art that has a 1000 year lineage .  Getting its start in the feudal days of japan , around the 15th and 16th century .

Use Joint locks , taisabaki (body angling) as well as daken taijutsu (striking and pressure point methods ) to move your attacker .
True balance of mind ,body,spirit
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