Taining partners aren't always easy to come by .  Here one of our students trains with a wooden dummy with two arms and a swiviling upper torso.
We also use it to strengthen our hands and shins , and its great for bo training and striking

When given the opportunity we train outdoors
here a shodan practices Taihen jutsu
Class photo outdoor training 2002

A few students missing from class

Two of these students took the live blade knife test and passed that evening .
Tai Kai  2002 

What to say ..? Alot of information a great experience .

Seeing Soke move and all the other shihan really helps the way you train . It is like a snake shedding skin .  And the buyu a person meets great people .....
Met alot of old friends and made new ones . 

Next it'll have to be to japan ....
Shoten no jutsu
Special weekend event
Training in rope traverse , rappeling  skills , running up trees , general tree/ climbing and camouflage and concealment
Able to move along a rope and be comfortable enough to rise up to remove a weapon or distraction  tool .
Tree climbing or running up a tree or wall , is used and seen here as a means to reach an object as a branch shown here .. Out of reach till you use all of nature to help . Now you may lay in wait or hide from attackers .
Here we see a common tree climbing method used the world over . Plant the feet , grasp the hands and let the weight sink to your rear . This will help hold your feet to the tree so you may walk slowly up the tree .
And on an object you can't get your hands around ..it is just like rock climbing . Find foot and toe holds and use finger strength and dexterity
Eye sight removing .
Here is a look at a class devoted towards Special study , we trained in Shoten no jutsu as well as metsubishi . A way to judge distance timing , concealment of the intention .. chemical compound discussion .. Usage and weight of powders and wind .  These are all factors

In the last of the photo's  I made use of the tessen .. war fan . I concealed metsubishi in the folds . Opened it and waved the chemical in the eyes of my attacker using the fan to create wind .

Of course we were very careful of each other and used , flour and talcum
Tai Kai 2003 ( last in the USA ..?)
The first photo is of Mark Hodel , Jack Hoban , Me and Erich Belongia .   The second photo is of me and 2 students that made it to Tai Kai ... There was a third student .. but as life likes to play its bad tricks .  A Robert Kubichek spent most of it in the Hospitol  ICU  heart irregularities .  But he was back at class 2 weeks after ... That is a budo heart .
Here is a Friend of ours Instructing in Koshi techniques
It is a good idea to allow and encourage your friends to experience and train with others to see new ideas and interpatations of ninpo.

Our friend from Illinois came to visit my group in Sheboygan , Wisconsin . For some training outdoors .  

Thank you Gabe ,  and thanks to your students that came to help and participate
Training with shinobi zue  (hidden weapons)  . Holding what appears to be a handbo
Moving aside the cut from Diajodan  using weapon as handbo
After striking the sword attacker , and the attacker prepares to cut again . I remove one of three hidden weapons . A three foot chain .
From there I safely take better distance with kamae
And use my wrist and body to launch the weighted chain end against my attackers wrist and tsuba area
After capturing his tsuba (hand gaurd) I use the handbo  to block to the sword and move in
Photo's pg 3
Short vid clips
Metsubishi  , kayaku jutsu  the art of gunpowder performed at the Sturgeon bay branch dojo Late summer 2005   The smoke is so thick it creats a barrier between you and your attacker .